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Our Helpers

Thanks For All You Do

Shiloh Pottery is lucky enough to host some amazing helpers and volunteers. Without their help and commitment to the farm, our work just wouldn't be as fulfilling.

Their teamwork and time here has never gone unnoticed and we want to praise each and every one of them and their unique contributions. If you see one of our helpers here on the farm, please take the time to say hello and thank them for their hard work.

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Wendy Miller

In 2012 Wendy Miller finally found time in her busy schedule to enroll in the Friday morning adult class at Shiloh Pottery. She quickly found that she very much enjoyed working with clay and was anxious to learn more so took on the job of making bakeware and other hand-built items.


Having more time available as she transitioned into a new career as a massage therapist, she gradually started helping out with various other duties like mixing glazes, loading and unloading the kilns, assisting classes or whatever crazy task Ken might come up with. Of course, her workday is never complete until she pets the cat, plays with the dog, talks to the turtles and admires the peacocks, goats, sheep, ducks and chickens.


If you purchasing a baking pan, oval platter or brownie pan from Shiloh Pottery, look for the W on the bottom and you will know that it was made by Wendy Miller. 

Ben May

Ben May has always wanted to be a potter. His dream began when he perused his father’s collection of pottery books and fell in love with the idea of creating beauty out of clay. His first creation was a pinch pot, made from clay he dug from the creek bed on his parents’ farm.

Ben’s career began at the age of 12 when he apprenticed to Cliff Losee of Pigeon Hills Pottery. In 2010, Ben bought Cliff’s business and Ben May Clay was born. Ben makes functional pots which he sells at craft shows up and down the East Coast. His production studio is located at Shiloh Pottery.


When Ben is not making his own pottery, he does piecework for Shiloh Pottery and helps around the farm. If you purchase a piece of Shiloh Pottery with the initials BM on the bottom, it was thrown by Ben May. 

Nancy Zyry

Nancy has been a visitor, a shopper, and student of Shiloh Pottery for many years. Now, as Ken's studio assistant, she helps with managing the kilns, mixing glazes, and working with the adult and kids’ classes. 


Nancy's first experience with clay was as a child digging up the magic mud along a stream bed in upstate New York. The joy of that tactile encounter has never left and she continues to explore the unique qualities of clay. Nancy especially enjoys hand building, and with Ken's guidance and encouragement, shares her experience

with his students. 

If you purchase a platter from Shiloh Pottery and see the initials NZ on the bottom, that's Nancy!

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