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Our Ambiance Animals



Cooper is our very special recue Golden Retriever and the farm supervisor. If you've ever visited our space then you have almost certainly met Cooper, he is usually the first to greet visitors and show them around.

Some of his favorite things are water, tennis balls, new smells, and long walks around the property, and of course belly rubs from visitors of Shiloh Pottery and the farm.



Shiloh the cat is fond of our large classes and loves to inspect all of our guest's students' pieces while they are working. Don't worry, cat hair easily comes off of clay and paw prints can easily be smudged away.

Shiloh's favorite things are watching birds, chasing mice, being scratched on the head by visitors, sleeping, being carried around (until he doesn't!).

Animals are an important part of daily life at Shiloh Pottery. We have an eclectic collection of pets and farm animals.
Our current flock includes Cooper Golden Retriever rescue, Cookies and Cream our goats, sheep, Mr P peacock and Mrs. P, and Shiloh and Joe the cats!

In the past you may also remember our alpacas and even bunnies, we hope that while you're visiting you'll take advantage of our wonderful ambiance animals and enjoy interacting with our fur and feathered friends.

Farm Animal Gallery

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