Thank you to everyone who attended our
Mothers' Day Weekend 2018


Photo by Marty Hankins ©2018

Chickens are taking over the studio!

Studio Show and Sale

Saturday, May 12
& Sunday, May 13

10 AM to 5 PM
Hand-made Stoneware Pottery
Raku and throwing demonstrations

Jewelry Artists: Seaglass and Silver/fabrication

Refreshments and Recipes; Farm Animals

Guest Artists

Kim Marlor: Seaglass
"It all started while I volunteered to help with some killer whale research. 
Lunchtime was spent on the beach so I could keep a watch out for passing whales.  Rubbing my hands on the pebble beach
exposed the wet pieces of seaglass just below the surface.  This 'looking' quickly became a passion that I've enjoyed for over 20 years. 
And when you gather enough pieces of seaglass, you can't help wanting to do "something" with jewelry,
ornaments, wind chimes, and other creations is what I do.  Pieces of glass remind me of the places I've seen and friends I've met.
Most importantly it allows me to be creative with what was once a piece of trash and is now a beautiful smooth piece of beauty."

"And now I am working with "wampum", the purple substance found in New England's quahog (clam) shells.
The Native American along the shores of New England created beads for jewelry and brought them as gifts to neighboring tribes. 
This beautiful shell, at one time known only to the people living along the New Jersey to southern Maine shores,
is now admired and displayed throughout the world.


Kim Jewelry

Kim jewelry

Kim jewelry

heart necklace

round necklace

Jewelry by Kim Marlor

Michele Shepherd: Silver/fabrication
My exploration of the natural constructed world around me has led to fabricating miniature versions,
worn next to the body reflecting the natural rhythms of life.

Kite earrings

Earrings by Michele Shepherd

Korean Folded Posted


Noguchi Inspired

Earrings by Michele Shepherd

Torn Gingko2




Necklace and Bangle Bracelets by Michele Shepherd

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